The UK Home Energy Conservation Association is made up of a network of groups of local government HECA officers. They are responsible for reporting the progress of the Home Energy Conservation Act of 1995. The HECA of 1995’s goal is to secure improvements in the energy efficiency department of the domestic sector. The network of these groups is supported by the UK HECA Secretariat.  The UK HECA does the following:

Make meetings at members and other partners to establish and develop new partnerships

  • Make meetings with members to examine and discuss projects
  • Secure the resources and funding to keep up with the development and introduction and implementation of energy efficiency such as carbon emission reduction projects.
  • Give members the information on the appropriate support materials and resources
  • Arrange for the training facilities where they can offer appropriate courses for their members
  • Create and encourage the development of links between members and suppliers for goods and services that will support the reduction of the use of energy (i.e. Carbon emissions reductions) by member authorities
  • Encourage the membership partnerships of members across the various sectors that have complementary interests.
  • Their areas of expertise include:
  • Changing the citizens behaviors
  • Giving out information
  • Advice on energy issues such as energy efficiency in buildings
  • Solar energy
  • Insulation